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Giving Back to the Community


As a business it is easy to get blinkered to events outside of your client focus but it is important to be aware of your local community and good causes. This is why here at People Business we like to help charity and community projects where we can.

Helping Employees with Mental Health Issues


Are your employees SAD? How can your organisation help employees with mental health problems 24th July 2015 is Seasonal Affective disorder (SAD) Awareness Day.  SAD is a depressive illness caused by shortened daylight hours and a lack of sunlight.  For about 20% of the UK population, mildly debilitating symptoms of SAD cause discomfort, but [...]

January Employment Law Changes 2015


Are you ready for employment law changes? So many new changes that most employers aren't aware of could mean you are falling foul of the law!

International Youth Day


There are lots of other ways that we could help you become more involved with your community. For advice about how you can get involved with International Youth Day 2015 or to let us know what you thought about this newsletter, please contact Abby Corfield via email at abby.corfield@peoplebusiness.co.uk or on the telephone at [...]

Pensions Auto-Enrolment Guide


Pensions Auto-Enrolment Guide July 2014 Have you… checked which workers might need to be automatically enrolled into a pension scheme? chosen a pension scheme and confirmed that the pension provider will accept all your workers? ensured that your payroll system supports automatic enrolment? started a communication process with your employees? If the answer is [...]

Have You Got Your Game Plan?


FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014: Have you got your game plan? The anticipation is mounting for the FIFA World Cup, kicking off on 12th June to 13th July this year. Unsurprisingly, we see a huge rise in attendance and conduct issues around this time, as people are desperate to catch those potential moments of [...]

April Employment Law Changes 2014


  April Employment Law Changes 2014         Spring has sprung, and with it comes a fresh bunch of employment law changes April 2014 Pensions automatic enrolment: Automatic enrolment is the main employer duty under the new laws on workplace pensions. It's called automatic enrolment because employers will need to enrol certain [...]

The Value of Exit Interviews


  The Value of Exit Interviews         The ‘job for life’ mentality has long since passed, and mobility within the job market is here to stay. Changes in the workforce can be healthy for an organisation, with new employees bringing ideas and different perspectives to the company. But when some of [...]