Thinking of Coaching as a way of Self-Development? What to Expect:

Coaching is not therapy, but it is a great way of creating a better understanding of ‘how you tick’. Traditional training courses are a highly effective way to update skills and knowledge and a great way of networking with similar people from outside of your organisation. Coaching works in a different, often deeper way. It develops you both in a professional and personal way:

What is Coaching?

  • Coaching is based on a series of regular one-to-one sessions when you will meet with your coach to discuss in confidence your goals and agree your action plan
  • It is about maximising your potential and the coach’s job is to help you to clarify your goals, objectives, aspirations and dreams and to work closely with you to implement your own effective solutions
  • Your job is to be truthful, honest and open to change where applicable

Simply put, coaching focuses on future possibilities and not past mistakes

How long are Coaching sessions?

  • Sessions are usually 1 to 2 hours long and take place usually 4 weeks apart so that you can practice what you have learnt and implement your actions
  • Usually, sessions are completed within 6 to 9 months and can be extended beyond where necessary

What do you need to focus on?

Your leadership style

Your communication style

Enhancing your strengths

Addressing areas in your development plan

Your career goals

Your work/life balance

Working with your Coach

Below are more specific examples of some of the outcomes you might expect: Developing key management, leadership or communication skills

  • Brainstorming and testing ideas in a safe and agenda-free environment
  • Practicing new techniques eg giving difficult feedback, delegating to others effectively or giving powerful presentations
  • Getting a deeper insight into the hearts and minds of those you need to lead and influence
  • Mastering how to manage the differences and difficulties that exist between people (healthy conflict resolution)
  • Developing greater intuition and sensing secondary agendas and the psychology at play in relationships and teams
  • Understanding your own helpful and limiting beliefs, assumptions and performance drivers
  • Assessment of your personal values and competencies
  • Map and prioritise the complex personal and professional relationship that you have to nurture or manage
Need a Coach?

People Business Executive coaching is the ultimate in a tailored development programme that usually takes place over 6, 9, or 12 one-and-a-half-hour coaching sessions. Occasionally it may continue for longer or shift into a maintenance programme of a twice-yearly meeting with quarterly progress calls.

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