The Hottest Day on Record – Not an Average Day at the Office!

Feeling hot, hot, hot!

With the temperatures set to soar today to a potentially record breaking high for the UK, here are our top tips for helping your staff keep their cool…

  • Consider offering staggered hours for particularly hot days.  Some staff may prefer to start and finish an hour or two earlier to take advantage of walking to work while the weather is cooler in the morning, while others may benefit from a lie in after a humid night, choosing to finish later than usual.  (An added advantage to staggering hours is that the staff who are in the office early morning can open the windows for some air before it gets too hot.)

  • Stay hydrated… cut out the coffee and tea rounds (caffeine is not your friend in the heat) and consider nominating a Water Monitor for the hotter days to ensure everyone is taking in enough fluids.

  • Encourage your staff to dress for the weather!  Whilst we don’t advocate swimwear and flip flops (unless you happen to work at a swimming pool), even a smart dress code or a client facing meeting can allow for breathable fabrics and loose fitting clothes.

  • If you have a freezer at work, keep a supply of ice pops in there.  At a cost of about 5p each, this is an incredibly inexpensive way to show staff you care.  You can also consider keeping some chilled damp flannels in the fridge for staff to use – very refreshing on the forehead or back of the neck (for an added treat, you could even add a drop of essential oil to the water the flannels have been dampened with– peppermint is excellent for cooling both mind and body).

  • No air conditioning?  Make full use of fans and windows; just make sure there’s a breeze if opening the windows – you don’t want to let in hot, still air!  Keep blinds/curtains closed in intense heat.

  • Where possible, turn off heat generating objects such as lights and electronic devices.  This will reduce the amount of electricity you consume as well as reducing the heat in the room.

These suggestions are how to improve your office during these hot summer days, but we can provide expert HR advice on a myriad of topics, please get in touch if you have anything you would like to know or ask.