Coaching for Managers

Coaching for Managers

Our on demand Coaching for Managers offering is in direct response to the new challenges facing Managers. The business climate of today has changed radically, with Managers and Leaders being expected to perform whilst suddenly grappling with the added complexity of leading their teams remotely through immense uncertainty and change.

Having access to a professional coach can help you navigate your way through these challenges. As a trusted resource, a coach can support you to adapt approaches and to modify mindsets. This, in turn can lead to meaningful action plans to successfully manage and lead people during these unprecedented times.

HR Services Checklist
  • Build your confidence to deal with today’s uncertainty

  • Handle change and conflict effectively

  • Develop your ability to organise and re-prioritise yourself and your teams

  • Delegate effectively to realise the capabilities and skills of your team

How it works

  • Get in touch

  • Set up a 90 minute zoom coaching session

  • Create an action plan

  • Action plan followed up in next session


There is no minimum amount of sessions, we do however recommend at least 3.

Coaching session structure

What our clients say:

Graeme worked with our leadership team over a couple of workshops to improve team culture and behaviours.  The team found the experience highly engaging and the process has delivered an improved team dynamic and greater openness around values and communication style. I would highly recommend Graeme to others.


After every session that I had, I felt more enlightened, more positive, more in control of my destiny.

IBM Senior Manager

Coaching with Chrissie was invaluable, she helped me to see where I could make subtle changes to my thinking and actions to get more positive results. Her thoughtful questions enabled me to feel like I was in possession of the answers already and I felt very comfortable being honest from the outset. Our sessions had a profound impact on me and helped me to see that it was ok for me to be more authentic in both work and personal situations.

Ennismore Hotel Group

From our very first session, I quickly realised Graeme was someone I wanted to work with, and someone I could really trust.  I very much look forward to our chats.  He doesn’t tell me what to do or how to do it, instead, he asks me questions, difficult questions, that make me work the answer out for myself.  I am finding this a fantastic way to learn, both about myself, and those around me.


Chrissie’s overall approach to building trust, assessing the challenges you face, identifying areas that you want to develop and helping me to set up some real actions has already enabled me to adjust working styles.

IBM Senior Manager

Why us?

We fundamentally believe that Managers are capable of achieving great results. Our experienced coaches will guide you through coaching sessions that are performance oriented and informative. We will help you to deal with the challenging issues you’re facing.

Our coaching sessions offer practical support in a professional but relaxed way. Providing you with the space and opportunity to press the pause button, to reflect on your priorities, and then develop a workable and realistic plan.

Who are we?

At People Business we don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach. And this philosophy has been at the core of our business for over 20 years. Instead, we treat each request for coaching as an individual opportunity for challenge and support.

Our coaches are highly skilled with experience across a variety of sectors. We always seek to fully understand the nature of your enquiry before pairing you with a coach.

We will help you achieve

  • Set your personal and professional development goals

  • Increase awareness of your management style and behaviours

  • Build confidence and deal with critical situations

  • Handle change and conflict effectively

  • Realise the capabilities and skills of your team

  • Develop your ability to organise the activities and roles of your team

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