Leadership and Talent Management

Our Approach

You may have heard that you need to have great leaders to inspire and move people into action, but do you have the support in place so that your leaders are equipped to deal with their challenges and opportunities at work?

When you’re looking to increase performance, make the most out of individual contributions and get your teams to work together, have you considered the number of different types of training there are to achieve the results you want?

With so many options and opportunities to offer great training and development to your employees, it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees and to know what is really going to work. Most of us have come away from company training courses in the past thinking, ‘that was nice, but I don’t know what I got out of it.’  Your organisation can do better than that, that’s why we want to help you get it right!

Companies that develop and manage their talent attract better quality people, who are more inclined to stay because they’re in a supportive environment and perform at their best. It becomes an ‘upwards cycle’. You will know when you’ve got your talent management right because it will go from strength to strength. You’ll notice it’s easier to recruit and build exceptional people, retain your talent and you’ll know who your upcoming leaders are in your pipeline because you’ll have taken the time to develop their skills in advance.

You may have a talent shortage you need to address and need help, or you might be looking at where your new managers are coming from to build your talent and succession pipelines, or you might just want to create a performance advantage now that you’re in a good space to reflect on the future of the business. At People Business, we partner with you to develop leadership and talent strategies and solutions that are aligned with your business for right now, and for the longer-term.

  • We have a holistic approach to talent management, encompassing the entire talent cycle
  • We will help you develop a talent strategy to respond to different economic market conditions and shifting organisational priorities
  • We offer scalable solutions, suitable for organisations of different sizes and complexity
  • We are not committed to a particular model which means we can deliver to organisations’ unique needs
  • Our recommendations are always based on full diagnostics and ‘real life’ solutions
  • Our talent solutions are driven by your strategic business objectives and we will help you to align them with your overall people strategy

Our areas of expertise:

  • Talent Management Strategy
  • Assessment and Talent Management
  • Leadership and Management Development
  • Board and Team Development
  • Training
  • Coaching

Our talent practice focuses on:

  • Identifying, developing and retaining high potential talent
  • Developing exceptional leaders
  • Building strong and sustainable talent pipelines
  • Developing talent bench strengths and depth of talent
  • Manage critical talent groups such as high potential and graduates
  • Developing effective succession planning strategies, facilitating C-level transitions and promotions
  • Diagnosing succession ‘readiness’ and ensuring a steady supply of capable future leaders

We have a unique and flexible Talent Management Model that allows us to build fully bespoke programmes that will meet your individual requirements and hit the right spot, every time.

Together we will:

  • Define your business drivers, incorporating your business KPIs and future success measures
  • Establish your success profile, define what success looks like for you
  • Conduct a full Leadership and Talent Audit; identify potential, define strengths and development needs
  • Create bespoke training, development and learning experiences
  • Measure success and learning and development impact, track and monitor progress

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