The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” Coaching is a tailored approach to learning for individuals and groups to access untapped resources and build accountability, innovation and leadership.

Coaching presents an opportunity to talk through a pressing issue or challenge, or to make sense of recent feedback and develop actions to move forwards or to organise thoughts and actions for business growth or team development.

At People Business, we provide coaching for individuals, teams, managers, leaders and executives. We would be delighted to talk further, so please don’t hesitate to contact us

Why would you want a professional coach?

Here are some great reasons for seeking a coach. Have you ever thought?

  • I would like to better understand my management style and/or behaviours and make a plan to improve them.
  • I need to develop my confidence and/or competence.
  • I need to make sense of what is expected of me in this/new role.
  • In order to succeed, I need to organise myself and others better.
  • I would like to get prepared for my next promotion/role/job.
  • I want to develop myself and my team to handle change and conflict.
  • I want to realise the capabilities and skills of my team.
  • I want to better organise the roles and activities that the team performs.

If so, coaching can help. As experts in working with all levels up to executive across SMEs and larger corporations, People Business can support you in what can be the most challenging and rewarding part of your role by:

  • identifying areas for your personal and professional development as a leader,
  • increasing your awareness of your management style and behaviour,
  • developing your confidence and competence.

People Business’s coaching approach

Working confidentially on a one-to-one basis with a People Business professional coach means that we work in partnership and in a supportive way to help you grow and develop as a person.

Whatever the type of coaching you need, what remains consistent throughout is our approach and ethos:

  • We seek to bring out what coachees are already doing well and to build resilience for what comes next.
  • We will support coachees and give them time and space to really think about (i) any feedback they have received (ii) the impact their role has on their business and stakeholders.
  • We will challenge how coachees think about themselves, their role or their organisation.
  • Our emphasis is on embedding practical solutions and feedback to deliver rapid impact and behaviour change.
  • We work within the ICF (International Coaching Federation) ethical guidelines and engage in best practice principles such as participating in supervision and evaluating our coaching.
  • We seek regular feedback to measure the quality of our coaching.

Testimonials from some coachees

Andrea’s coaching style combined warmth and encouragement with tremendous insight and deep professional knowledge. Her focus on the practical application of key skills generated clear benefits to the business as well as personal development.”

“I was very low in confidence after recent events when I started working with Chrissie, and I felt she really helped build up my confidence and boldness throughout. I also appreciated that she was there between sessions to respond to quick questions and updates, it really helped sustain momentum and ensure continuity from session to session. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Chrissie and People Business, and will certainly be putting them front of the queue for any future coaching and support I might need myself.”

An observation to a coachee from their manager

“I could tell that there was a different person in front of us. I had for a long time seen you as an outgrown sales person – now, I see a manager. I had seen you in the past just shut down discussions not in your liking – now, you welcome discussions enabling change through understanding rather than order giving. I don’t know what kind of management medication (coaching) that you are on, but those pills work!”