Talent Development

Your senior team represents the best of the best in your organisation. In a boardroom of people who have excelled through their individual performance and reached the top of their careers, how do you get those individuals to operate as one unit which is greater than the sum of its parts? Well, it rarely happens automatically, that’s for sure.

Once the board has reached a point where they understand their roles and what they contribute to the board, as well as what others offer in, something just ‘clicks’. Ideas are generated, decisions are made collaboratively instead of argumentatively, and when someone critiques an idea it is seen as healthy and welcomed as opposed to threatening. The click point is where the team has flexed and grown together to an extent where everyone is to some extent aligned with the others and are in pursuit of the same goals.

What we can do for you:

Design and execute board evaluations to gauge board effectiveness and identify areas of improvement and help clients develop action plans based on findings.

Focus on facilitating constructive team dynamics and building effective communication and decision making processes.

Assist in clarifying roles, responsibilities, aligning priorities for the short, medium and long term and ensuring that their board’s strategic and operational objectives are balanced.

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