Leadership and Management Development

Your leaders are your greatest assets in your company’s ability to drive the business in the direction it needs to go. Without a good leader, your business can be at the mercy of the wider business environment, or following blindly in the steps of their predecessors, or (heaven forbid) hanging on the coat-tails of your competitors.

We believe that great leaders aren’t born but are made through understanding their own strengths, weaknesses, leadership style, business context and having the support to develop an effective course of action.

We align our programmes to our clients’ business strategy and change agenda and help your leaders to develop the necessary strategic skills, influence and impact needed to successfully execute their strategy.  Our leadership and management development programmes are designed to achieve long lasting behavioural change to deliver exceptional results.

We create truly bespoke programmes that will meet your individual requirements based on psychological insight, best practice and practical, commercial orientation in the market to develop exceptional and impactful leaders.

We will work with you to:

  1. Set your objectives and define what success looks like for your leaders and for your organisation
  2. Build a leadership and management development framework
  3. Diagnose current leadership and management capabilities, define strengths and development gaps
  4. Create the best learning and development experience for your leaders and managers
  5. Validate the programme by measuring success, the impact of learning and tracking ongoing progress

Our learning and development programmes combine the best in class training programmes with experiential learning based on business-specific simulations.  We are convinced that learning should be fun, so our highly interactive sessions produce learning that is gained from doing, listening, touching – and sometimes even tasting!

We are dedicated to finding the best approach to create lasting behavioural change. Our training and development sessions are focused on end results, real-life application of learning within a work context to ensure that participants come away from the session feeling energised and with an action plan they are committed to implementing.

Even with great leaders in place, we believe that it’s not just your senior leadership team who needs to be developed. The managers are the ones who are putting in the day-to-day implementation of your strategy and so you need to ensure that they also have the support they need. Helping them to establish a clear direction for their team, as well as manage priorities and teams is essential to making the vision a reality.

Your leaders of today might not necessarily be the leaders of tomorrow. To ensure your company’s continued and future success you need to invest in developing and accelerating your next generation of leaders.

People Business will help you to identify and develop the right leaders of tomorrow by building a succession management strategy and process.

We will work with you to:

  • Translate objectives and articulate the required skills, experiences, knowledge, values, behaviours and personal attributes your future leaders need to be successful
  • Identify talent potential internally and indicate external resources needs where talent is not immediately available
  • Diagnose leadership readiness
  • Accelerate development and fast track your high potential
  • Measure impact and success

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