Free: a series of interviews with leaders in organisations that live and breathe their values


A series of interviews with leaders in organisations that live and breathe their values.

The challenge now facing companies of every size – from multi-nationals to local SMEs – is unprecedented. Their way of operating, behaviours, indeed their very purpose is being scrutinised by all stakeholders – and will be continually evaluated.

Arguably the influence of Generation Z means that a business not only has to stand for something but has to be genuine and authentic and seen to be actively living rather than passively stating its values. Because increasingly, that is going to be a key consideration for customers, employees, and every other stakeholder.

Identifying, clarifying, implementing, instilling and living by the foundation attributes of a values driven company will result in trust, resilience, sustainability, and the ability to consistently deliver what it says it is going to.

For a book co-commissioned by People Business, we will be talking to owners and directors whose companies have been on the journey. They are going to be sharing their thoughts on what they see as the specific issues relating to developing a values driven organisation and how that can be achieved (including the obstacles and how they can be addressed).

How did they make their values distinctive as well as real? Has it changed the interaction with staff, customers, and suppliers? Can they say that a values driven company gains better traction in achieving its goals, such as meeting accreditations, in recruitment and retention, being innovative and delighting the customer?

Leading up to publication in DECISION magazine, the latest thought-provoking interview to be included in the report will be available below for you to read.

Insightful interviews with business leaders on the values driven company

Matt Parker

Chief Executive

“When a company is growing, you need points of reference to guide you. If we are clear about our values, the likelihood is that they will match those of other stakeholders, which means there is a better chance of being able to live those values holistically.”

Impact Food Group

Gemma Bolton

People Director

“For me, (values) are at the core of all we do as a person and as a business, a mindset which is demonstrated by how we behave and which is applied to how a company looks after its people.”

Make logo

Dr Ken Shuttleworth

Founder Director

“​What values should do is to enable you to determine the right course of action, which will lead you to do the right thing.”

First mile logo

Bruce Bratley

Chief Executive

“Any company can make money, but if you are actually values driven as a business, it means you are following principles which determine how you do it… And as a business grows, values, if they are formalised, protect its ethos.”

volution logo

Ronnie George

Chief Executive

“Values are something with which we can hold each other to account, and if a company doesn’t live up to them, there is no framework for consistency.”

Healix health

Ian Talbot

Chief Executive

“Unless people can express values as they see and feel them, it’s a false or forced culture.”

Napier Technology

Greg Watson

Chief Executive

“When we talk about our values, those conversations must also be authentic. They can’t be all ‘sunshine’ or people will think the company is living a different reality.”

Redwood Technologies

Sean Taylor

Co-founder and Chief Executive

“Living its values gives a company a buzz. You might not be able to measure it, but you can sense the energy.”

Cynergy Bank logo

Claire Head

Chief People and Culture Officer

“Values provide the moral compass which steers you collectively with a common purpose. Increasingly it’s not just what you do as an organisation but how you do it which matters to people.”

Westcoast logo

Joe Hemani


“There are two particular points about values. One is that what matters to me might not be a value which is that important to you. The second is that there should be an overriding value which I define as honesty in everything you do.”

Apex group

Vikita Patel & Rosie Guest

Chief Human Resources Officer & Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

“… a set of values will give an aura of sophistication but they will also serve as a guide for a rapidly expanding and acquisitive business.”

Blick Rothenberg logo

Nimesh Shah

Chief Executive

“You could say the bottom line is that our values are why we exist and are able to achieve what we do, and I would describe culture as what is established if those values are actually behaviours.”