Leadership and Talent

Leadership and Talent

Great leaders aren’t born, but are made. We help people become the best leaders they can be.

People Business helps organisations understand the capabilities their leaders and managers need to deliver exceptional results. And we create bespoke solutions to deliver that development. With decades of experience in building leaders’ confidence and capability – we don’t have off the shelf products that we try to fit our clients into. Our starting point is to see everyone as a potential leader, regardless of their role or level of seniority. After all, anyone can make a difference

Of course all organisations are different, with their own unique strengths and areas for development. Common challenges that organisations come to us to address include:

  • More clarity of vision and appetite for change
  • Greater collaboration across diverse functions
  • Building accountability and pro-activity to address challenges head on

There is no instruction manual or identikit leadership profile for success. Each of us needs to work out for ourselves the leadership that works for our personality, role and experience. But there are strategies and tools that we can learn. We turn the spotlight on how leaders think and give them the freedom, confidence and capability to work out how to take action.

Ultimately people pay little attention to what their leaders say unless it is backed up by their actions. So we challenge leaders to be authentic and help them to role model the behaviours they expect to see in their people. Conflict is a topic that even senior leaders often shy away from for fear of making things worse. Differences are inevitable at times of change – we help leaders establish healthy conflict cultures to spark innovation and energy.

Why us?

At People Business we don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach – this philosophy has been at the core of our business for over 20 years. We begin each new engagement by looking at what’s working, what makes you and your business unique and your ambitions for the future.

Working in partnership, we develop truly bespoke programmes that tap into the full potential of your people to deliver great results. We help you understand the capabilities your leaders and managers need, and provide the support to help them get there.

  • We fundamentally believe that people are capable of achieving great things.

  • We turn the spotlight on how leaders think and give them the freedom, confidence and capability to work out how to take action.

  • We will help you to address those conflicts that have undermined your performance for too long.

  • We will work with you to create a culture for leadership – a culture that buzzes with motivation and challenge.

  • We will support and challenge you to demonstrate the culture you want to see.

What our clients say:

Graeme worked with our leadership team over a couple of workshops to improve team culture and behaviours.  The team found the experience highly engaging and the process has delivered an improved team dynamic and greater openness around values and communication style. I would highly recommend Graeme to others.


I have worked with People Business since its inception back in 2000 – despite the fact that I have had jobs in four different companies since that time. I have relied on them to turn my team’s performance around, develop, and motivate them. In each of my companies, the challenges and priorities were different and the people that needed development were incredibly varied. People Business delivered good results every time, and their work was stellar, relevant and fun.  

Cheap Flights

From our very first session, I quickly realised Graeme was someone I wanted to work with, and someone I could really trust.  I very much look forward to our chats.  He doesn’t tell me what to do or how to do it, instead, he asks me questions, difficult questions, that make me work the answer out for myself.  I am finding this a fantastic way to learn, both about myself, and those around me.

Phil Vaughan, Vaultex

Some of the services we offer

  • Board and Executive team development – enabling Boards and senior leadership teams to deliver more than the sum of their parts

  • Leadership programmes for senior managers across an organisation to develop new networks of leaders

  • Talent management and succession planning to promote a culture for leadership and a pipeline for talent

  • Introduction to Management programmes to support emerging leaders taking their first steps into management.

  • Coaching for leaders and managers at all levels to promote a culture for high performance

  • Diagnosis of current leadership and management capabilities, defining strengths and development gaps

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