Talent Development

When it comes to business training, we believe in creating lasting change, which means partnering with you to develop the right solution from the start. Our training and development is bespoke, so you can expect a training course that is completely designed for your needs.

We want to know you better first

Having an initial training-needs discussion with you enables us to design a training course that is a good fit and is designed with a purpose in mind.

Our training is a lot of fun

We are convinced that learning should be fun, so our highly interactive sessions produce learning that is gained from doing, listening, touching – and sometimes even tasting! Our training is high-quality. We know that people learn better when they experience learning at its best.

We use first-rate training tools, and enjoy mixing it up with new activities and games that we experiment with on our own team – only the very best exercises make it into our training!

We provide quality that you don’t find in larger training companies

When we design business training, we want to find the best approach to create lasting change. Our training sessions are focused on end results, real-life application of learning within a work context to ensure that participants come away from the session feeling energised and with an action plan they are committed to implementing.

We make it personal

We deliver specialised training solutions for leadership teams, executives, individuals, project teams, sales teams, and virtual teams of all shapes and sizes and in any industry. We will create exercises to adapt to the style and seniority of your participants.

Examples of training we offer:

We work with leaders and managers on how to develop themselves and others through leadership, managing change, emotional intelligence, performance management, coaching, mentoring, and appraisal training.

This is a sophisticated 180-degree feedback tool designed for our clients to help raise managers’ awareness of their effectiveness, and develop people to be more effective bosses.

We help your teams to create more effective ways of working, communicating, collaborating, and developing mutual respect and trust in order to:

  • Create clear goals to which everyone is committed
  • Align the team’s goals with those of the organisation
  • Develop understanding of effective ways of handling conflict
  • Appreciate the value of diversity to the team’s performance
  • Encourage positive team behaviours

We can create skills sessions on influencing techniques, negotiating skills, time-management, sales techniques, project-management, emotional intelligence, communication, and interpersonal skills.

We offer Executive Coaching, Management Coaching, mentoring, personal development planning, career advice, career coaching and small business owner coaching.

We have spent many years developing those who develop others, and our “Train the Trainer” programmes offer development in needs analysis, design, facilitation, evaluation, and internal consulting skills.

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People Business deliver bespoke training with purpose, and create fun and effective training courses for your business. If this sounds like the kind of training and development you’ve been looking for, contact us for a detailed discussion on how we can help.