Small-group coaching

Small-group (or peer) coaching

Small-group (or peer) coaching is where two or more colleagues come together to share their individual challenges and then work together to expand, refine and swap ideas that enable a workable plan to solve the challenge.

This process is facilitated by a skilled coach who is there to ensure each challenge is well-articulated with a desired outcome defined.

The benefits of small-group coaching come from the learning interactions among the group, who are ideally not in the same team but are equal in terms of experience and position. This enables insights into diverse perspectives, these differences allow each colleague to gain deeper insights or to identify commonalities which help to build collaborative working relations.

This can be a cost-effective way of anchoring learning as part of an overall programme of management or leadership development. In this scenario, small-group coaching would occur in between workshops and colleagues encouraged to talk about a challenge relevant to the workshop content.