People at the top of organisations have accountability for results and the responsibility for leading and coaching others, yet often have the least support.

If you’ve never asked yourself the below, then executive coaching will help you find the answers;

  • What do I do if I have a sense that things are not as they should be and the actions/ activities that have worked for me in the past are not producing the results I now need?
  • Which expert would I talk to when leading and managing change?
  • How do other executives achieve a healthy balance between focusing on performance and inspiring people to be committed to the organisation’s goals rather than just be compliant? How could I do this?
  • What could I do if the management team needs to work better together?
  • What are my abilities and potential in this point in my career?

Executive coaching is the ultimate in a tailored development programme that usually takes place over 6, 9, or 12 one-and-a-half-hour coaching sessions. Occasionally it may continue for longer or shift into a maintenance programme of a twice-yearly meeting with quarterly progress calls.

Becoming the kind of manager that can influence, motivate, and deliver results takes time and willingness to achieve. Management coaching is a positive and developmentally focussed approach to achieving your management goals. For many, this is often whilst continuing to perform their “day job” or even whilst running/growing a business.

Working confidentially on a one-to-one basis with a People Business coach means that we work in partnership and in a supportive way to help you grow and develop as a manager.

Have you ever thought?

  • I want to realise the capabilities and skills of my team
  • I want to better organise the roles and activities that the team performs
  • I want to develop myself and my team to handle change and even conflict

If so, management coaching can help. As experts in working with all levels of managers across SMEs and larger corporations, we can support you in what can be the most challenging and rewarding part of your role by:

  • Identifying areas for your personal and professional development as a manager
  • Increasing your awareness of your management style and behaviours
  • Developing both confidence and competence

If you are interested in exploring whether management coaching could be right for you, get in touch with us so we can talk.

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