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Assessment and Talent Management

Finding the right fit can be a challenge for any business, no matter what the industry, culture or complexity of the role. Depending on your perspective on the matter, finding great people can be either a minefield or a treasure hunt (we prefer to see it as the latter of course).

Collectively in the team, we have conducted hundreds of interviews and poured over thousands of application forms. All this wealth of experience has attuned us to what works and what frankly, is a bit of a waste of time. ‘What kind of biscuit are you and why?”

What works is really understanding the business and the role, knowing what quality of person you’re looking for and having the tools available to discover that person. Such tools can be in-depth interview guides, business simulations, case studies and psychometric tests to assess candidates to support recruitment decisions or to define strengths and development needs for leadership development and succession planning.

We will help you to:

  • Objectively evaluate candidates’ skills and ability to fulfil the current and future job requirements
  • Assess job suitability, values and culture fit, potential and development needs
  • Support recruitment decisions
  • Provide basis for all talent management initiatives and establish baseline against which training needs, skill gaps and development areas, training impact are measured

We use our combined knowledge in business psychology and in-depth understanding of the realities of work situations to build assessment processes and conduct specialist assessment for different candidate segments including:

  • Executive assessment
  • Middle manager/specialist hire
  • Volume hire processes
  • High potential programmes
  • Graduate selection process

Our assessment toolkit incorporates the best in-class psychometric tools with bespoke in-depth interviews, exercises and business simulations.  Applying a holistic approach to candidate assessment, we are able evaluate talent and provide a comprehensive perspective of their competencies, personality traits, value drivers and motivations. Not to mention, raising red flags for potentially derailing traits that could emerge later!

Our candidate reports are based on objective, observable facts, behaviours, strengths and development needs and provide valid and reliable predictions of the likely future performance of candidates. We aid talent management initiatives by producing individual development plans which are based on our objective assessments to close the gaps between where individuals currently are where they need to be in order to succeed in their role.

Our assessment toolkit includes the design of bespoke assessment tools and the use of generic psychometric tests:

  • Design of Competencies, Capabilities, Values frameworks
  • Psychometric tests: 16PF, OPQ, Wave, HOGAN, FIRO-B, MBTI, Good Boss Questionnaire
  • Bespoke design of Realistic Job Preview and Situational Judgement Test to fit the unique needs and selection criteria of our clients
  • Competency based interview design
  • Assessment and Development Centre
  • Simulation exercises: design of bespoke role-plays, case studies and business simulations

We help and provide training for our clients to strengthen their in-house expertise in the following areas:

  • Interviewing skills training
  • Assessor skills training, Assessment Centre management
  • Good Boss questionnaire, MBTI training
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