Helping With Your People Issues

Helping With Your People Issues

Do you find yourself spending more and more time dealing with employee issues and less time focusing on running the business?

Do you find yourself in situations where you have to handle sensitive or difficult issues with an employee/s but you are unsure how to tackle it?

Our consultants are experienced at supporting and guiding our clients on how to manage a whole host of employee relations issues. For example you may have an employee who is repeatedly arriving late to work, an employee whose health you are concerned about or two employees who are not getting along.

How Can We Help You

Our consultants will spend time with you to really understand the challenges you are experiencing and the individual/s concerned.

We will recommend the most appropriate approach to support and assist you to reach a resolution. Our support can be wide ranging depending on the circumstances, for example it may include:

  • Practical tips and steps you can take to manage the issue
  • Guidance and information in relation to the legal implications
  • Draft correspondence and documentation
  • Attendance at employee meetings
  • Mediation support and recommendations
  • Supporting your employee with outside assistance such as referrals to Occupational Health professionals
  • Management coaching to help you develop your skills in this area

Conflict in the workplace between two colleagues who were in disagreement on a regular basis, often resulting in curt verbal and email exchanges between them. What did People Business do?

It was agreed that impartial mediation support would be the most appropriate course of action and the employees concerned agreed to take part in the process. The overall aim being to assist the employees create and sustain a more constructive and healthy professional relationship.

The process

Individual sessions

Our consultant met with the employees individually as an introductory session to explain the process in full, answer any questions and address any concerns before exploring with each party their key issues in relation to the conflict.

Joint meeting

A facilitated meeting took place between them both and the key principles of mediation were explained as well as some ground rules to enhance the quality of the conversation. The issues were discussed, explored and constructive solutions encouraged.

Designing an agreement

Following on from the facilitated meeting a document was produced containing a summary of the important issues discussed and agreed on, using their own words about how they decided to move forward. The agreement was not in any way legally binding, merely to assist with setting out clearly the agreement made.

Closing the mediation

Once the agreement had been reached those involved were given responsibility for its implementation.

Follow up

Follow up with the client indicated that some of the challenges appeared to have been resolved relatively quickly and they were optimistic that this would improve further moving forward.

Coaching for the line manager

In addition to the mediation support, we also provided the line manager with coaching sessions to enable him to feel more confident about how to handle difficult employee situations in the future.

Our qualified consultants are always available to speak to you. We can help give you peace of mind that allows you to deal confidently and effectively with any people issues you may have.

  • Would you know what to do if an employee came to you and said they had a mental health problem?
  • Have you noticed one of your employee’s is more emotional than usual lately, suddenly has a short fuse or has changed his/her appearance lately?
  • Did you know that you have a legal responsibility to look after your employee’s physical and mental health?

Our consultants are experienced at supporting and guiding our clients on how to manage workplace wellbeing issues.
We can also take you through a long term plan to tackle mental health in the workplace and ensure you continue to be a great employer.

Supporting Your HR Team

HR Support

We work in partnership with a number of clients from charities to large private equity firms who have their own in-house HR departments (this may only be one person to much larger). We act as their sounding boards, extra pairs of hands and thinking partners! Our consultancy expertise means that we can develop innovative and practical HR support to the client’s business. We bring fresh ideas and can mobilise quickly when you need help.

We work in a variety of ways, either being a regular part of your team, or more project based where we allocate resources as and when you need us. Over the years we have provided interim cover whilst clients have recruited their longer-term HR partner, we have managed restructure programmes, redesigned and developed appraisal tools, coached HR professionals for their own development and much more.

We love working with Business Owners, COO’s, FDs and MD’s but equally we know we add real value as an HR-to-HR Consultancy because we talk the same language. All our team have developed their careers in-house so we understand the challenges of juggling day to day HR activities whilst getting to the project work as well.