Project Description

An Investment Bank

This client is a privately held and employee-owned global investment bank delivering investment banking, private equity and equity research services to institutions and corporations around the world. With revenues in excess of $2.5 billion, this client employees  around 5,000 staff in 200 locations in Europe, the United States and Asia.

Each year the client has an intake of interns – either recent graduates or experienced hires – to perform the role of an analyst. An analyst needs to collaborate with a diverse pool of stakeholders at several levels. Typically, their role is to provide extensive research that is used for developing presentations and winning new business.

Analysts need to be able to communicate well with their peers and colleagues. The client approached us to design a workshop that gives analysts the foundational communication skills that are specific to this role.

investment bank

How People Business assisted the client

Communication is a broad topic which needed tailoring to ensure analysts had the right type of skills.

Therefore, People Business interviewed key client stakeholders to help us shape the design. Often, analysts need to think on their feet, are expected to communicate proactively and flex their style to accommodate different internal communication styles of more senior bankers.

Analysts need to be able to apply these new skills immediately, therefore, our focus throughout the training was on practical tips and techniques that participants could immediately apply to their work.

Since 2020, we have worked closely with the client to continuously refine the design.  For example, following the pandemic, it was important to include a specific session on communicating with impact in a virtual environment. In the last year we have refined the programme to support analysts to manage upwards more effectively. The programme is five-star rated by participants and has become part of the fabric of the internal promotion process.

Feedback from workshop participants

“I found the presentation and interactive activities particularly enjoyable – it was very interactive. We were never bored!”

“There are many elements I am thoughtful about post-workshop, and it is good to be considerate about this at an early stage of our careers. I agree that making an impact, your personal brand, and the perception of us are all important factors for career progression.”

“The training session was very thoughtfully put together. It was a great schedule with good examples and interactive exercises.”