Project Description


BGF is the UK and Ireland’s most active and dynamic investor of equity capital in growing companies, dedicated to supporting growth and value creation in entrepreneurial companies and innovators.

They exist to inspire business leaders, innovators and value creators to build strong, sustainable businesses. Their model is underpinned by a unique combination of scale, long-term capital, minority investments, breadth of coverage, and a streamlined investment process to create a real impact.  

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How People Business assisted the client

We partnered with the people team at BGF to deliver a number of programmes. Designing two tailored competency frameworks, one for BGF staff and another for the portfolio team to use to assess management teams. We worked closely with the internal team developing their capability to interview (using a technique called repertory grid) a huge number of stakeholders from across the organisation. The resulting frameworks describe what good looks like using almost entirely the language of the business which has meant that they are immediately recognisable. 

 We have also delivered interviewing skills e-learning, creating modules such as The Foundations of Recruitment, Interview Preparation, The Interview Process, Hiring Inclusively and Legal Aspects of Recruitment and workshops for both infrastructure and investor groups which have all been received positively.  

This work is part of a wider EVP transformation and has been well received by the business.