Project Description


Helixr is a business consulting firm with a passion for shaping the Life Sciences landscape.  Engaging with Pharma and Consumer Healthcare clients, Helixr offer services across business restructuring, global tax technologies and ERP programmes including end to end project management solutions.  

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How People Business assisted the client

Helixr engaged with People Business on a change programme involving a number of HR workstreams. These were;  

  • To create a suite of job descriptions and to benchmark salaries and benefits to enable recruitment, talent retention and succession planning.   
  • To build competency frameworks – one values based and one technical (IT focus) – enabling focused development and career planning.   
  • To develop a performance enablement process providing employees with clear guidance on core expectations aligned to company values and business growth aspirations.  
  • To support organisational design taking into account the current landscape, aspirations for market growth and employee engagement. The structure was to be easily extendable and manageable as the business grew and provide a clear career path.  

Twelve role profiles were created under three career path pillars for business consultancy, technology and commercial roles progression. A total reward package was recommended with bench marked salary ranges and benefits for each job grade.   

Through a process of structured discussions with the leadership team, a Values and core behaviours framework was created and incorporated into a Performance Enablement process allowing employees to flourish and develop.   

In parallel, technical competencies were identified from the role profile requirements and a framework developed featuring 6 levels of proficiency from entry through to expert enabling development of key capabilities and a talent pipeline. 

Finally, support was provided for the design of a decentralised and scalable organisation structure underpinning the company values and cultural philosophy.

What the client said

What you have given is amazing… above my expectations. I got more out of it than I thought. You also listened. A genuine thank you.