Fun preferred to higher pay in Britain’s


Fun is not on the agenda in Britain’s workplaces, despite British workers preferring working in a fun environment to having a higher pay recent research results conducted by Adeco reveal.

74% of employees surveyed said that they would prefer a workplace that encouraged a fun atmosphere as opposed to one where they received better pay. 86% said that they think that having fun is important and yet 70% of them also say they have worked in places where their employer has failed to promote fun in the workplace. 67% admitted that they feel less committed and loyal to their job if there isn’t a fun, competitive spirit and this results in them doing the minimum that is required of them.

We spend a lot of time at work and if we can have fun whilst working then ultimately this should improve productivity.

All good news for employers who in the current economic climate can take heart from these indications that there are other steps they can take to improve business that don’t necessarily need to involve more money.

So can you as Employers improve fun at work?

Fun doesn’t need to be about larking around. Generating loyalty and commitment in current times involves focussing on the wellbeing and happiness of your employees. It is also about improving communication, encouraging self worth and respect and promoting a more relaxed environment. All which in turn help to improve staff engagement, overall productivity and therefore the bottom line.

What practical steps can you take?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Review your internal communication strategy; are there improvements that you could
  • Consider setting up small focus groups to discuss possible improvements to the working
  • Conduct a team building event
  • Introduce a “dress down” day where employees can wear more casual clothes
  • Introduce employee of the week/month
  • Get senior managers to talk informally to staff (small Companies)
  • Conduct a staff survey (larger Companies)
  • Consider setting up a “Wellbeing Committee” who can be responsible for coming up
    with ideas and organising social activities.
  • Join “The Workplace Games” an Olympic campaign headed by hurlder Colin Jackson which aims to get workers competing with each other in workplace-based challenges, which are filmed and then posted on Facebook.
  • Introduce a workplace quiz night or lunch
  • Get involved in Macmillan coffee mornings
  • Hold a bring your kids/pets to work day
  • Hold a fun event for charity
  • Hold a Christmas party or evening meal

If you would like advice or further guidance on encouraging employee engagement to improve the working environment we would be happy to assist you with this.
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