Project Description


Food@Work uses engaging experiential context to the commercial kitchen and cooking as a medium for business.

How People Business assisted the client

People Business provided full learning and development support while working with them, we provided our services:

  • Tailored learning experiences delivered through experimental cooking programs in professional kitchens with professional chefs

  • Providing them with individual experiences that gave them a unique development that related back to the original objectives

What the client said:

“We have worked collaboratively with People Business to deliver integrated experiential learning programmes for our clients since 2002. Andrea is fantastic to work with – highly experienced and knowledgeable in her field, flexible and accommodating with a unique facilitation style that we feel gets the best out of our clients. When we work with People Business, we are able to brief in a piece of work, and have complete confidence at the outset that it will be designed and delivered to our exacting standards, that it will be well integrated with our experiential programme, and that the entire learning programme will be a success for our clients”